I've had an enduring relationship with the landscape of the Scottish Highlands and Islands since I was a child. I love this place and I can hardly imagine life without it.

Pentland Sea is my name for the Scottish landscape north of the Highland Boundry Fault. I created my own name for this landscape to try to be clear that the photographs I take are a selection, a reflection, a distortion and a simplification of my day to day experience. The map I use as the symbol for Pentland Sea also reflects these metaphorical iterations of the imaginative processes. (See the 'Map' section under 'Bedrock'.)

Pentland Sea was not envisaged as a commercial activity. It's what I plan to do until I can no longer carry a camera into the landscape. Having said that, I am intending to learn Platinum/Palladium and Carbon printing in the future and I'd like to make prints available for sale at that time.

Hugh Webster - March 2018.